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Renée-France LeBlanc

Founder, Creative Director Graphic Design


By the beach shores beat the shiny big sea waters as she was sitting in the sun wondering how a seashell managed to color itself in a two-tone shade of silver...and the rest is history.


Renée-France LeBlanc is a modern-day Cinderella story. She began her rise to stardom in 1993 when she debuted her creative talents. She launched her design portfolio through specialized training at l’Université de Moncton and NBCC-Dieppe.


Called to the rambles of the newspaper industry for eight years, Renée slaved away, chasing deadlines and dreams, overworked and waiting for the break she needed. The door suddenly cracked open and she escaped with only her portfolio scraping the ground behind her. Excited to be free of the chains of slavery, she was soon discovered, and a star was born.


Renée became the CFO and Creative Director forming Greenlight Design, an emerging design agency taking raw talent and showcasing potential. Serving business, corporate and associations, her award-winning designs build new audiences for her customers and create award-winning marketing initiatives.


Renée has built a solid portfolio of clients ranging from national organizations, large corporations, small business start-ups and special events. Renée is able to serve a vast spectrum of industries and sectors. She is thrilled to share her knowledge with new entrepreneurs. She is also a proud member of the esteemed Graphic Designers of Canada (she takes her business very seriously).


Greenlight Design was founded on the belief that ‘Every business needs to shine in the light' in order to raise their profile and increase sales. "Our company wants to turn on the green light and watch you grow."


Renee's direction delivers show-stopping results for your company; her designs illuminate the possibilities and set the stage for a truly marquee experience.


Jack LeBlanc

Social Media


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, HootSuite, We Heart It, Pinterest, and more. These subjects come

second-nature to him. With out-of-the-box thinking, and always on top of the latest trends in social communications, you are in good hands when it comes to communicating with the outside world. Ask him about Google business strategies, networking with your online audience, advertising with Google AdWords, creating a buzz, and providing you with the tools necessary to continue profiting from your new venture.


Karen Casey



Vern Stewart



Christian Del Espiritu Santo

Web Management


Once the designs and html are implemented, Christian takes over the nitty gritty. He ensures every wheel is turning, every page is displaying and all the plugs are in place. A website is nothing without a good engineer behind the scenes. And, we are more than happy to have him work away at the all the moving pieces, in order to keep the bugs at bay.

Content Writing


Andrew has a knack for all things written. After graduating with a B.A. in Creative Writing, it didn’t take him too long to figure out that he wanted to be a professional writer and nothing else. Today, he works with clients across the U.S. and Canada to write content that suits their industry and audience, whatever those may be.


Andrew enjoys the entire creative process, from brainstorming ideas to presenting concepts to a client to sitting down and writing something that really works. He even likes editing from time to time to take content to even greater heights!